Bespoke Consultancy Services

Bespoke consultancy service inputs are designed by a needs study of our clients to meet specific needs depending on their present business context and stakeholder interest.

The consultancy services vary from large conglomerates to SME sectors.

Key highlights of the service offering.

We guide and manage all trade regulations, and supply chain compliance systems, and all company processes including IT, management of stores and inventories, precision agriculture, manufacture, and service sectors like HORECA.

The expertise of 23 years gained by working in 19 industrial sectors agriculture Plantations, construction and key sectors in logistics, manpower, and HORECA gives us the edge, confidence, and capacity to execute to tier-1 service levels with established standards, processes and parameters.

Key benefits to the customer

Key gap studies on all processes using the critical worksheets on Quality/Knowledge/environment and Energy/ BPRE or effective use of staff cades. We have a business model which primarily focuses on affordable easy payment models by efficiency/cost reduction and key process improvements customized to meet the customer's payment capability.

Preliminary surveys by internationally approved and nationally tried out processes.

Rapid monitoring and measurement models would be taught as appropriate.

The implantation of the project would be on a phased-out model so that the client could assess the inputs Given by Praguna Global and the first impressions of our Consultants and teams by studying results obtained before committing to a longer full-scale implementation of projects.