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Praguna Global is an elevation of Praguna Management Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. to take its services beyond the shores of Sri Lanka as a regional and a global service provider for International standards implementation and consultancy.

We account for 23+ years of service excellence since 1997 and have guided and overseen over 400+ International Certifications with a 350+ satisfied client base. Our portfolio offers broad coverage of international certifications under one roof (ISO, SA, BSCI, HACCP, Rainforest Alliance, BRC, GRI, GDPR, etc.)

Our recent inclusions to our service portfolio include CE Marking, ISO17025, ISO 13485, SLAB Certification for Laboratories, Organic Certifications for JAS (Japanise Accreditation Services), and USAD.

Also, we provide motivational and knowledge enhancement training and awareness programs (Praguna and Pravardhana), workshops from top to bottom level employees of the organizations.

Our consultants are experienced, certified qualified to offer you assured quality services.