Panasia PLC hydro power house

Consultancy gap studies and compliances advice for ISO 14001 & OHMS ISO 45001 conducted by Praguna Global at Panasia PLC hydro power house.

Panasia PLC solar farms pannala

Praguna Global, the leading compliance consultants, partnered with Panasia PLC to conduct consultancy for OHSMS & EMS ISO 45001 and 14001 consultancy at Panasia PLC solar farms pannala.

Monthly Meeting of Praguna Global

Reflecting on objectives is a must. Praguna Global held a monthly meeting with the Directors, consultants and partners on the first quarter accomplishments and way forward of the company.

Post Pandemic Strategy

Post pandemic strategy is about new business dimensions. Here Praguna Globals new vertical, bespoke consultancy building strategic link between Ridma & Island Nature Leaf for cross selling of products.

The new factory with export focus will open a new vista in Sri Lankan spices to the global consumers. Praguna Global is proud to bring competent brands from local market, bridge them with quality and sustainable standards for global marketplace .

Achievement of our client Tasma

We are proud that our client Tasma group have achieved NCE awards for 2020 and entrepreneurship award for 2020.

Tasma group won awards under the category of Winner of extra large category – Manufacturing industries, 1st Runner up – Best entrepreneur of the year

'Rankema' outlet in Anuradhapura

A 100% Sri lankan organic rice brand “Rankema” opened their new outlet in Anuradhapura. The “weera gamunu Effort”, only organic certified rice brand's field to plate quality and compliance is ensured by Prgauna Global.

While we wish them great success, the founder CEO of Rankema Dr. Jayanath Abeywickrama was appreciative of Praguna Global's efforts and did not forget to send a voice message on this gracious occasion.

Audits at Tasma Multi Services

Internal audits and consultancy work took place at Tasma Multiservices (Pvt) Ltd. The audit process was led by Praguna Global's senior consultant Mrs. Nilmini Assadduma.

Air conditioning project commissioned by Tudawe Engineering

Tudawe engineering, one of the long standing customers of Praguna Global commissioning an air conditioning project at a children's hospital in Nagoda, Kaluthara . A 100 million project with the association of EN (Enraf Nonius) project Netherlands and funded by one of the reputed financial institutions in Netherlands.

International management standards compliance is audited and trained by Praguna Global to cover all sites and Mr. R.S.T. Guneratne senior consultant interfaces with all divisions and sites to ensure productivity in all process follow-ups .

Compliance and Bespoke Consultations at Konya Farms

Konya Farms an agricultural venture hired Praguna Global for compliance and bespoke consultations.

The farm unit established in Palanda, Agalawatte, is all about sustainable agriculture, agricultural tourism, goat milk, bio gas productions and hydroponic agricultural outcomes. Praguna Global provides layout, process management and efficiency and bespoke consultations.